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The pandemic has made touring and performing live impossible, eliminating a vital source of income for many artists. We hope to help you replace some of that lost income with ticketed live shows on Bandcamp. You can now run high quality ticketed live streams directly on your Bandcamp artist site. Your merch will appear right alongside your stream, so your fans can support you during the show, and optional live chat allows you to engage with fans directly. Here are a few reasons to run a show on Bandcamp:


Planning a show

Running a live stream as an artist can be an incredibly rewarding experience, though it does require some careful consideration. What works in a live venue with an audience might not translate to a streamed show, and though it’s now easier than ever to stream, there is a certain amount of setup involved.

What you'll need:

  1. A reliable and fast internet connection (at least 5Mbps upload and download). Ideally wired.
  2. Good audio and video equipment
  3. A well-lit space to perform from
  4. A computer that can run streaming software such as OBS, or a smartphone capable of streaming.


Before setting up a live stream on Bandcamp, you should consider what sort of a performance to put on. Live streams are unique in that they give you a way to connect with your fans in an intimate way, yet on a global scale. They are an opportunity for fans to support and interact with you that cannot be replicated in physical space. They are also an opportunity for you as an artist to experiment with new ways of creating experiences and expressing yourself.

As with any performance, it’s always important to have a strong theme or concept. Whether stripped back or highly produced, define your concept early. Performing can be nerve-wracking even without a physical audience in front of you, so the more you can do to prepare and be confident in your performance, the better.

Here are a few things to consider when planning a live stream: